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Small tool for quick replacement of all spaces in a link-code by the 'unbreakable' URL-code %20, and all & signs by the valid html-notation &


I made a webpage which was passing the html-validator perfectly. Three months later I was checking again, coincidentally. What? A bunch of errors! But I just added some new links, carefully copied from the address bar of the browser.
The culprit? The "ampersand", the & sign, which has to be a & for valid URL-encoding

In the names of maps or files in a site, empty spaces can bring on a broken link (and pages vanishing into space, or untraceable documents; especially in e-mails), which can be avoided by the use of the %20 code.

With this small tool you'll get rid of both inadequacies.

Entering the URL

Paste your link-code here:


Your corrected URL-code is here:


Copy this code, and paste it in your html-editor.


Remarks for links to Google Maps

In pages of Google Maps a mini menu 'Link' is visible; in a pop-up the options are given: 'Paste link in e-mail or chat message' and 'paste HTML in website'.

The second option has the intention to put a Google Map directly in a box in a html page, by means of an <iframe>. Unfortunately, when you are using the recommended Strict DOCtype, this is delivering invalid html as well. To embed a Google Map in this way, a Transitional DOCtype is needed.


In your own site, you should never use a & sign in a directory name or file name, and never use a space in a directory name or file name!

july 2010

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