Pure CSS spinner in reality

... first check ...

Ship deck ventilation pipe, left side

Scale Model 1

Ship deck ventilation pipe, right side

Scale Model 2

Special picture !

CSS fun

Small round park

Former Pond


Land in Sight

Landscape with lake

Calm Afternoon

What we see

Note: during the download, the browser-tabs are presenting a spinner too (instead of the favicon). In Chrome it's a green one, rather like my spinner, but it's not the same. In Opera and IE-11 it's a grey spinner. Firefox has a variant: the loading signal in the tab is a green left-right moving particle.

What to do

  1. Avoid the spinner flash for small and medium images with a delay for the spinner + a fade-in for the spinner.
  2. 404-images: give min-height to the imgBox, and replace after some time the spinner by a not-found message.
  3. Medium size and big size images: make a fade-in of the image after completed loading.